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Pastor Andrew Byers

Andy Byers came to know the Lord at a young age.  However, the Lord got a hold of Andy anew when he was in the Navy and out at sea for 158 consecutive days without hitting port.  Andy experienced God’s steadfast love during that time.  Andy started sensing a call to ministry during his next deployment and was encouraged by a Navy Chaplain, as well as others, to pursue this call.  So, after six years in the Navy, he enrolled in college to start the process. 


Soon after Andy returned to Western Pennsylvania to start his studies, he met Becca.  Andy and Becca met at a community Bible program called KidZone.  Before you knew it, they were married.  They continued to volunteer together at KidZone, coordinated two summer mission trips in the local community, and mentored two preteens from the community.


Andy began preaching in seminary.  He preached in EPC congregations, seminary chapel, and a drug rehab program.  During seminary, Andy and Becca enjoyed fellowship at Bellefield Presbyterian Church.  Andy helped to start an evening service and ran a sound board for that service.  During Andy’s last year of seminary, Andy served 1-2 days a week as a volunteer jail chaplain. 


After seminary, Andy and Becca moved to South Dakota where Andy  served as a Hospital Chaplain Resident for one year.  He was ordained in the Great Plains Presbytery in January 2019.  Andy and Becca’s first child, Ava, was born last year.  Andy is grateful to have experienced God’s grace and for the community of God’s people.  Andy, Becca, and Ava arrived at New Cut Presbyterian Church on September 26th.

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